Rebirth- Blog Post #5

I couldn’t help but notice the revitalization of downtown Detroit throughout the entire duration of my internship. I am from Detroit and have lived here all my life, traveling downtown is nothing new. During my youth, ,my father and I would attend Tigers and Lions games and dine at Lafayette Coney Island afterwards. For high school, I attended Cass Tech in nearby Midtown and spent a considerable amount of time downtown after school.  In my lifetime, there has never been so much activity and energy in the city.

The first change I noticed were all the businesses that have opened in the area. Previously vacated and abandoned buildings have been transformed into thriving restaurants. During my lunch breaks, I would visit Campus Martius Park and there were at least 10 food trucks that I have never seen before. Around the food trucks were brand new seated areas for patrons to enjoy live entertainment or a casual date. There were also basketball courts surrounding the food trucks and all the activity in the area was truly a sight to behold.

After seeing how much downtown had transformed, I had to visit my old high school in Midtown. What I found was nothing short of amazing. There is a brand new Little Caesars arena being built directly across the street from Cass Tech! The arena will play host to the Detroit Pistons and we will now have all 4 major sports teams located inside the city limits of Detroit. I am very pleased with the progress my city is making and cannot wait to move back upon graduation!

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