So thankful #5

Reflecting back on my summer with Project Healthcare, this was possibly one of the most enlightening, inspiring, heart-breaking and enjoyable experiences I have ever had all at the same time. I had the privilege of developing such heart-warming relationships with several members of the staff, patients and other Project Healthcare volunteers. I am forever going to look back upon this experience and think about how genuinely happy I was because of the connections I was able to foster and the amount I was able to learn. Words will never be able to convey how much this program has truly impacted my life, and I am so grateful for being giving this opportunity to immerse myself in such a welcoming, diverse and encouraging environment for 10 weeks.

To my supervisors at Bellevue Hospital and the LSA Opportunity Hub, thank you all for supporting me throughout this summer. Saying that this program has changed my life is an understatement, and I could have not completed it without all of your help. I would have never even realized how passionate I am about issues such as homelessness and crime had it not been for this experience. Additionally, although the main purpose of the summer was to learn more about the medical field in a hospital setting and connect with patients, I was able to work on several other aspects of my personality that has made me a better-rounded individual. For example, during our weekly meetings, I was able to participate more towards the end of the program, which helped me work on my public speaking skills. Additionally, I was also able to enhance my communication skills not only with patients, but also with my supervisors when I had any questions or concerns. Lastly, I was most importantly able to improve my interpersonal skills. I made some long-lasting connections with so many individuals, some of which I will never forget.

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