Wrapping Up

The weeks of my internship went by both quickly and slowly. Quickly, when I was learning and had a lot of work to do, and slowly when I didn’t fully understand how to analyze what I was meant to, and nervously had to ask for help. It turned out, that asking for help was always a good idea, even if just to make sure I was doing things correctly. I’ve enjoyed working at my company and the people in the office truly make my day a lot better.

I’ve realized that my working environment matters a lot to me, and greatly affects whether I enjoy my work or not. This is definitely something I will take into consideration when applying to jobs in the future! I’d like a working environment that would allow me to bring my best, and improve even more.

By now, I have created 17 stock notes and given recommendations on investments from all sorts of industries. I’ve attended meetings with investors, macro-specialists and regularly assisted the CEO in creating and delivering presentations. I’ve spent a few days on overtime, finishing up reports, and skipped a few lunch breaks to continue my research. Some days were  really tiring, but nearing the end, I realize I will really miss it. I like being busy, learning new things and developing new skills, and I hope my future job will challenge me even greater.

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