2 Week – Picking Up The Pace

This week the pace was starting to pick up. For the start of the week, I was beginning to learn what insurance was all about, especially the different insurance policies. I soon realized how important life insurance really is.  It’s really essential to life. The middle of the week, I started my sales training class. For the beginning of every morning I was in class for the first two and a half hours of the day. For the second half of the day, I was calling and setting up appointments to meeting with small business owners in the area. For the week end of the week, I was shadowing people on the sales consulting team to see how the knowledge I’ve learned is used in the field. I have learned so much! There tactics and techniques to talk within meetings to have the owners agree with creating a life insurance policy. It was bringing to my remembrance what we used to learn about in Marketing 310 with Professor Follet at Ross. This week was basically a big knowledge-filled week for me.





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