Blog #3

Not really sure why it won’t let me set this as the featured image as it only would let me copy an image link. Anyway here is the logo of the place that I have been interning at. If you’ve read my past 2 blog posts you’ll know that I started out as an MLB fantasy writer for them and eventually started doing some social media work.

For this post, I’m going to talk about some tips and tricks that I learned throughout writing on the site. Mostly I’ve learned about SEO stuff, making sure that all gets in the green before a post gets out. SEO stands for search engine operator. I’ve gone through my own as well as many other of my coworker’s posts in order to ensure that the SEO’s were all set before something is sent out. This includes focus keyword densities, internal link backs to our site in order to self-promote, SEO Titles, Meta description (what shows up on the google search, that little synopsis underneath the link that tells you what it is about), tags/categories as well as learning how to use the auto poster that is implemented within our site to schedule posts to many different forms of social media at once.

After being a full fledged writer/editor on this site and learning about everything that goes into this as well as a lot about the sports journalism field itself, I have realized that this might not be the thing that I am super interested in. I mean I do love sports and all but the world of sports journalism is a tough one and a lot of it relies on who you know and pieces being read by the right people. Although I have found a passion that I am quite interested in through this internship, running social media as I will talk about more in depth in my next blog post.

Thanks for reading!

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