End of Internship Reflections – My CPG Internship | Part 5

I’ve voiced most of my advice and thoughts in my previous posts and anyone can tell I had a really positive experience at RB this summer. I had a rewarding and fun internship and really enjoyed the people I worked with – what more could you ask for?

Moving forward, I have to reflect on what path I want to take moving forward for full-time. RB has a great sales rotational program which gives you a great base for brand management later. I’m at a cross roads about whether I want to pursue that or pursue marketing in the technology industry, which is what my previous internships have been in and what my first passion is. Either way, I’ve been fortunate to have a really rewarding experience and I can’t wait to see what the future will hold! No matter what, I’ll be there supporting RB when they come back to Michigan for career fairs and presentations this fall.

Thanks to LSA Opportunity Hub for all of your support as well!

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