Informational Interview: Outside of Organization

Because I am interested in the tech industry, I have approached to a software engineer introduced from my friend. He has started as an android developer at a startup company but moved to a major IT software company that produces chat services in Asia as a software engineer.

Before we met, I heard some interesting stories about him. Even though he is still an undergraduate student, he works as a full-time employer, and it is extremely rare to give a student a full-time position. So, when we sat down for a short coffee chat, I have asked him about his experience before joining the company. Fortunately, he said even though his current company is a major company with over 20,000 workers worldwide, the job culture is very lenient like a startup company. There is no strict dress code and everyone is free to come into the office at anytime as long as he/she attends meetings and finishes tasks on time. The company seemed to run as a role-driven culture rather than a rank-driven corporate environment. Therefore, everyone can freely dive into projects that interests one and the freedom allows workers to collaborate as a team not a competition. The fact that the company was founded in less than 20 years shows the potential of internet-based company’s growth. He has explained that the company is endlessly experimenting to start new services in and out of Asia and is recruiting many talents globally.

In conclusion, I was able to understand why this company was able to grow as a global company. The workers who work here are passionate and eager to create great services to connect the world with better tools. I’ve thought that one day I wish to join a company like this that cares about its employers and the customers who would use its product.

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