Overcoming Obstacles

During my internship with YIP (Youth Impact Program) this summer I faced a lot of adversity and different events that allowed me to have a self reflection about the way I operate as a person. I was more hands on this year as opposed to last year, so there wasn’t many opportunities for me to mess up an order or lesson plan. However, my difficulty derived from the events I faced with the students themselves. Often times I would find myself in the middle of settling arguments, fights, or just simply encouraging someone to complete a task. I believe that my most challenging event stemmed from encouraging a kid to complete the military course while overcoming his self inflicted discouragement. This individual was not an athletic kid nor was he the most physical fit. On top of that he was filled with a low self-esteem while also being demanded to complete a course that served to be challenging for even the athletic individuals. During the time I found it best to pull the kid aside, provide him with positive encouragement, and then go through the course with him after a long day of workouts. It was challenging for me because I was completely exhausted, I was in the hot sun, and the last thing I wanted to do was monitor a kid who didn’t believe in himself. But in the end I realized that this was bigger to me and this was a life changing moment for this individual who looked up to me and admired me.

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