“There and Back Again: A Pumford’s Tale” III

Four weeks into my internship in Ottawa, and I am witnessing history in the making!

My work has transitioned from writing to a LOT of researching. I have been studying a bill that is central that creates an oversight committee for Canadian intelligence organizations. It’s a little dull, but the implications of the bill are quite dramatic in the lives of every day Canadians – the committee would ensure that intelligence committees did not violate the rights of privacy for Canada’s citizens. The Senator I work for is keenly interested in maximizing the individual rights of Canadians, and because of that I am writing a report of what the current legislation is suggesting.

It has not been difficult for me to find new friends here in town – as a Mormon I have an instant friend network from the nearest local congregation, and they have made me feel very welcome! In addition to them, I have befriended various staff members. One in particular is Robin, the stereotypical, ancient paper-pusher who has been working on the Hill for longer then most of the Senators he works for! He has taken me on a few whirlwind tours of the Hill, dragging me through tunnels, meeting with various prominent officials and even scoring me a a chance to sit in the Speaker of the Senate’s Chair! So cool!

Ottawa is a fabulous city…there is a different festival every week of the summer, it seems. The largest is the Tulip Festival, when the city blooms with beautiful tulip flowers. Seriously, this place is fantastic – I don’t even mind getting lost – it’s just a scenic detour in my books.

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  • September 3, 2017 at 3:08 am

    How does this research compare to the work you’ve done in the past? Sounds really cool.


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