Top 3 Things I Loved about RB this Summer – My CPG Internship | Part 4

  1. How Diverse RB was

As someone who grew up bi-culturally and strongly identifies with both of her Asian and American identities, I really love how culturally diverse RB is. And when I say diverse, I mean diverse. Probably half of the Air Wick team I worked with are natives from other countries, ranging from Australia to England to India to Taiwan. To get the top tiers of the company, international experience is really encouraged since RB has offices in 60+ locations on 6 continents.

I was able to learn so much from working in such a global environment, and something I wouldn’t have been able to experience in another internship. I genuinely loved learning about everyone’s life story because they were always fascinating. I chatted with one brand manager in Mandarin for half an hour – she was American but taught English in China for two years before coming back to the US and going to business school. We raved about the amazing food and views from Xinjiang, a province in China with food heavily influenced by the Middle East – my parents’ home but a place few of my Asian American friends have even heard of.

This is just one example of how fun it was to work and interact with people from all different cultures and coming from all walks of life at RB.

2. RB’s fast paced & collaborative Culture

I sincerely enjoyed the company of everyone I worked with. I became really close with the other two undergraduate interns on the Air Wick team – we would get lunch every day, comfort each other, and go out to lunch every Friday. As the summer went on, we had a great lunch group with a few other interns and people started hanging out outside of work. As final presentations were around the corner, we would all sit in on each other’s practice presentations to listen, to give feedback and words of encouragement.

Even though RB’s environment is fast paced, it’s not cut throat. Everyone is willing to help you and treats your insights and questions seriously, but no one is going to hold your hand the entire summer. Obviously, this type of culture doesn’t suit everyone, but this fit my personality and what I was looking perfectly.

3. Entrepreneurship & ownership of project

Coming from a background where I’ve mostly interned at start-ups and smaller companies, I was a bit worried that at a bigger company I would just be a cog in a corporate machine. While at other companies that may be true, I definitely didn’t feel that way at RB. One of their pillars is entrepreneurship, where teams really own their brand and make all the decisions evolving it. Essentially, you receive the budget of a big company but get the responsibility and ownership of a smaller company – really, the best of both worlds.

This really reflected in my project for the summer – I was given a real business challenge and basically let loose. There was no making photocopies, getting coffee, or small tasks. I did my own research and talked to and reached out to people to learn and discover solutions. I can’t thank my manager Byron enough, who gave me free reign to do my own thing but gave me guidance and help when I needed it. And at the end, I was able to present my final project with full confidence and pride that this project was really mine.

I was asked to send my deck to and meet up with multiple brand managers after my presentation, where there’s a strong interest in learning from and implementing my insights and recommendations – and it feels incredible that my contribution is valued so highly.

Thank you, RB, for an unforgettable summer!

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