Blog 1: Goals

Most of the goals I have for this summer involve evolving the skills I’ve learned working for Camp Michigania in the past. These goals include: growing interpersonal skills, lead modules successfully, learn camper names, gain more leadership skills, network, and to make my area more interesting for campers. Some of these goals go hand in hand, for example networking will help build my interpersonal skills. I think the most challenging will be the skills I have not developed in the past. This summer will be the first summer where I’m solely responsible for leading and deciding what happens during a camper activity. I think in order to achieve that goal I’ll have to plan ahead, and continue to learn from my mistakes each week. All in all making the module more successful and fun for the campers. The module I’m thinking of is a watercolor class that also connects with the knowledge I will learn about the native ecosystem of the camp. I’m not entirely sure how ill do this but, I have experience teaching people how to paint and exprience leading hikes. Hopefully both of these skills combined will help me to effectively lead my module. Luckily each week we are evaluated for our performance. These critiques will help me make my module better and better each week.

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