Career Plan | #3

Before beginning the D-SIP Program, my plan was to graduate from Michigan and go straight to law school. While I still see myself becoming an attorney, I am now open to changing my trajectory. My interest in law stems from the fact that I feel it is the most effective way to bring about positive social change. A JD, I rationalized, will allow me to fight for justice and equality in ways that other careers would not. This past summer was my first experience working in an office, and it was also the first time I realized that I can bring about this change in a variety of fields. Working in the College of Engineering’s Office of Advancement and the Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach as a development intern, I saw first-hand the impact that my work made. Programs for students from underrepresented backgrounds — which transform people’s lives by exposing them to the field — are now able to be better funded. Despite this revelation, I think I still want to attend law school eventually. However, I would not be opposed to working for a few years and then reconsidering my options now that I know that I can enact positive change in the world from a variety of professions.

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