Closing Thoughts | #5

I can’t believe it’s over! 11 weeks. Tomorrow is my last day of work, and the last of a summer that has been characterized by formative learnings. I’ve spent most of the summer thinking about my career, what I want to do with my life, and the logical next steps to make these things happen. The experiences that I’ve had this summer have been a massive privilege, and have lent themselves to introspective career planning.2


Next Wednesday I begin my 5th and final year of college. I’ll mainly be wrapping up my Computer Science requirements, and I’ll get to explore my interests in tech a little more after having spent this summer immersed in consulting and business. I have so many options, but am running out of time to choose something.


To be honest, this summer has brought to my attention many of the good and bad things of both sides. Again, it’s a real privilege to be informed in both fields, and to have had the experiences I’ve had over the last few months. Although I’m admittedly anxious for what the next few months have in store, career-wise, I’m simultaneously excited to explore the massive set of possibilities that I have before me. I’ve met some incredible people here at work, and in the process, have heard unbelievable stories; I feel like this fall will become a pivotal part of my own, in deciding where and how I will begin my post-graduate life.

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