– Blog #1 Describe Opportunities and challenges that you foresee your internship presenting.


As I start my internship, I noticed many opportunities to help me perform at my best during the internship experience.  One of the opportunities in mind incorporates building strong sales skills. The opportunity to network also will give me a great chance to meet a lot of new people in the business.  I am very excited to see how everything plans out.  As I notice the different opportunities, I also notice challenges.  The challenges I recognize are dealing with learning the business of media.  The media business is something I am not familiar with, and I really don’t know how it operates. I am hoping to learn how the business operates, and hopefully find a way to be successful through the business structure. I am also worried to face the challenge of of cold calling.  In sales, cold calling is a very traditional platform for entry level workers, and the object is to contact potential clients, without any notice, hoping that they are willing to work with you.  As I approach this, I feel that I am going to have to wrestle with rejection. Rejection is tough to mess with, but growing thick skin hopefully through this experience will help me.  I am very excited to see whats next!

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