Ghana Get It Started #2

Hey yall I’m back at it again with the Ghana puns, ready to entice you with another tale from the Motherland.

In this post, I’ll reflect on back on when our research process started and my thought process that occurred during. So imagine being told that you have to lead a meeting in front of medical professionals on a manual you just taught yourself, but that’s not the kicker they speak a different language. My mind was completely baffled. I wasn’t confident in the material yet but I had to do it. Fast forward days later when my partner and I gave this presentation we had no idea what to expect. How many people were coming? Did we really have to present in Twi (local language)? Were we being critiqued? How was this presentation going to go? and most of all “Were we ready?”

After speaking with our boss and him joking around with us he let us know that we were not going to be doing the entire presentation by ourselves. Our hearts rapidly decreased in bpm and our anxiety subsided. We totally rocked our all of 10-minute presentation. Thinking back to before our presentation I should have known that it was not going to be that stressful. Although I believed that I wasn’t prepared, I had all the tools that I needed plus an environment that was conducive to my growth.

From this experience, I realized that some things are going to be frightening at first but if you have people around you that are willing to push you to do and be your very best nothing is impossible. This meeting set the precedent for our research project for the rest of the time we were there. We started strong then we ghana to finish strong!

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