Keeping it Interesting | #4

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my summer internship is not my first experience with this office. I worked at the National Forum during the school year as well. Because of this, my summer work at the Forum did get a little boring at times. I worked with the same people I worked with during the semester, and at times, I did some of the same work I did during the semester. In times like these, I would find myself wishing I had found a different opportunity that was not be so familiar to me already. Working in the same office as I did during school sometimes made me feel as though the semester had not ended and I was just following the same routine as I did during fall and winter semesters.

Despite this, however, I was still able to find exciting opportunities within my internship that I would not have the chance to experience during the fall and winter. One of those opportunities is the NLA mid-year retreat. Another opportunity is the research I have been able to work on during the summer (and which I will continue to work on during the fall). If I had not accepted this internship, I would not get to see all the other aspects of the Forum that I do not get to see during the academic year. So while it might get boring at times, there is definitely the chance to experience differences between the summer and the fall/winter. I am very glad for these differences because they are one of the main reasons why this internship has helped me grow and gain new experiences during the summer.

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