My Favorite Experience | #2

My favorite experience this past summer was when all of the interns (27 total in the D-SIP program) took a trip to Petoskey to hear from a family of major donors to the University of Michigan. All summer, in the office I worked to help my unit solicit donations, while in the classroom I learned about donor relations and stewardship. However, this was the first time I could combine the two together and see all of the different development topics come together. The question and answer session was especially enlightening because it allowed us development interns to hear the thought processes behind many of the donors. Additionally, I enjoyed this trip because it helped our intern class bond and get to know each other better. For the most part, our time at the hotel was our own. Our supervisors let us spend time together as a class, and through conversations and games, we became closer than before. As a result of the trip, I gained a stronger network of friends, colleagues, and coworkers that I can rely on for help today or in the future.

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