My Time on the Floor | #2

It was a typical day in Lansing, Michigan. I was busy taking care of some tasks for Representative Peter Lucido, sending a few letters to constituents. The office was rather chaotic since Representative Lucido had a vote in the House that afternoon for two of his bills.

The first House Bill was 4209. This bill increased the pay for citizens who are serving on jury duty. The second of Representative’s bills was House Bill 4210, which created a greater mileage reimbursement for those individuals participating in jury duty.

Just before Representative Lucido had to leave to attend session, he invited me to come with him to see the House in action. I was extremely excited and immediately responded positively to his invitation.

Being on the House floor was overwhelming and much different than I expected. One would expect it to be very formal and quiet, however it was much different. There were countless conversations going on, the Representatives already knew which way they would vote because of their discussions in caucus, and it was difficult for anyone to get the attention of the House.

After sitting at the Representative’s desk for several minutes, it was time for the members to vote on his two bills.

With great success, House Bill 4209 and 4210 passed unanimously in the Michigan House of Representatives. This was an incredible vote to see, and the bipartisan support and encouragement made the experience even better.

Although my time on the House floor was short, it was a major highlight of my internship this summer. I was able to witness the great work that is being done for the state of Michigan, and the many individuals who truly care about their state and its citizens.

I truly hope I get the opportunity to go back to the House floor one day, whether it be as an internship, worker, director, or maybe even, one day, a Representative.



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