Reflecting as I Return to Campus – Blog #5

At the beginning of the summer, it always seems like an endless amount of time awaits me as I finish school at the end of April and have many months to relax, work, and spend time with family and friends. Yet I am always in awe of how fast the time passes by when it becomes the end of August and I pack my bags to return to Ann Arbor. This summer was no different. I cannot believe how quickly the summer came and went. My time interning in Washington, D.C. was so great, and I cannot believe how fast it went. I learned so much, and I was sad to leave. But I know I will be back in D.C. some time in the future. My love for public service and politics continues to draw me to government. This internship helped me continue to realize my desire to return to D.C. in my near future and eventually run for office.

I accomplished a lot at my internship and helped to create tangible change. I organized and prioritized over 1,000 event invitations and meeting requests received by the office to help create a monthly schedule that represented the Senator’s legislative and state priorities. I researched and compiled organization information and biographical material to help prepare the Senator for upcoming meetings with outside groups and constituents. I drafted some of the Senator’s personal correspondence including her thank you notes and letters to other members.

I am going to miss my time in the Senate, but I am excited to start my senior year on campus. I will be completing my major, philosophy, politics, and economics, and taking some other courses that are of high interest to me. I look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions with my peers back on campus and continuing to pursue political advocacy.

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