The end? | #5

Since starting college, I have known that I wanted to work within the realm of psychology and have an opportunity to work directly with people. I have tried several different facets from therapy to research but this was the first experience I have had with non-profit work. There is so much more that is involved in the Alzheimer’s Association, and non-profits generally, then calling up people and asking for donations. From research nights and support groups to writing news articles on local citizens and radio advertisements, the work that goes into this organization is nothing short of amazing.

Being part of several events they held over the summer and seeing the community come together was so impactful and rewarding. I go to school in Ann Arbor but generally remain within my bubble of school surroundings thus being involved with a greater community felt great. I was able to see a lot more of the city and got to meet the incredible people who reside in the area. If anyone was partially interested in non-profit work I would highly recommend this chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association not only because of the learning opportunity provided by the staffs’ hard work but because of the tone of the office. Though there were specific goals each team member was responsible for completing, everyone was willing to help one another and still have time for a laugh.

By working here, I have seen at a grander scope the type of environment I want to work in even if it is not in this field specifically. The office presented an atmosphere where people could voice their opinions without concern for ridicule and combine their individual efforts into a much larger purpose. It was a pleasure to work for the Alzheimer’s Association and I look forward to seeing their future successes.


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