“There and Back Again: A Pumford’s Tale” Reflection

I love Canada.

Why do I love Canada? Is it the friendly people? The incredible diversity? The modern cities? The FANTASTIC food?

The answer is a resounding yes! And much, much more.

It is so unfortunate that us Americans know so little about our next-door neighbor. We do not even realize how different Canada is compared to the United States! It has its own unique, vibrant culture that we could all appreciate.

Looking back, I will forever grateful for the tremendous opportunity to have worked in Parliament. I learned so much about the mind games that constitute politics, and I learned that there are INCREDIBLE people who fill the highest capacities of government. Sometimes the mainstream cynicism we have as a people persuades us to believe that those who control the capacity to create laws are narcissistic, proud and divisive…but my time in Parliament, interacting with these people one-on-one has taught me that there are genuinely good people at the top. They, like us, are simply trying the best they can to serve their constituents. Now, not everyone is an angel, but I would submit to you that the angels outweigh the demons.

Would I go back to work as a legislative  intern? No. Much as I love to be a direct part of the legislative process, I couldn’t stand working at a computer for eight hours a day – it was incredibly difficult to concentrate. No, that life isn’t for me. I still love politics, but not in the research department!

That’s all! On to the next adventure.

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