Why I chose InfoReady Corp | #1

This summer I’m going to be working as a software engineering intern at a startup in Ann Arbor by the name of Infoready Corporation. I am going to work closely with the team’s lead developers, working on the front end functionality of the company’s product. The main computer science languages that I am going to be working with this summer are Angular 2, HTML, CSS, Jquery and Typescript.

What drew me most to this opportunity is the software that the Infoready team is currently working on. Infoready is creating a software that matches incoming college students with opportunities, resources, and organizations on campus that fit their interests. As a first generation college student, I believe that this resource would have benefited me greatly since I came into the University of Michigan without any form of guidance or idea of what I wanted to do. I believed that this internship would help me help  future first-generation college students, by providing my computer science knowledge to build an online platform that would solve an issue shared by many first generation college students; the issue of not necessarily knowing what to pursue in life, and if you do know, where to find resources and organizations to help you along the way.  

Hopefully, through this opportunity, I will come into work every day working on something that I find meaningful and that I am passionate about. An opportunity where I am challenged every day and pushed far past my comfort zone. An opportunity where I learn more about computer science, and how this skill can help the world. I believe that Infoready is that opportunity.

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