Blog #5 Reflections

Business is business. That’s what I have come to learn after my three months internship with Darlene Y.S. Chun Realty, a small, local real-estate firm in Honolulu. But I also learned from watching my mentor, Mike, that business can be both fun and educational. I will always enjoy and remember the hours we spend looking at properties, signing lease-rent contracts, and furnishing our units; even though they are tedious and at times laborious, they never failed to give me a sense of excitement. “No one knows this,” I said to myself, “I’m doing something right here that most people my age aren’t doing.”

Not only did Mike introduced me to real-estate, he also taught me the importance of investment and the prudence of saving and being frugal. Thanks to Mike, I not only familiarized myself with real-estate but also with stocks. Over the summer, I read classics in investing like Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor and Burton Malkiel’s A Random Walk Down Wall Street. From these books, and from watching these authors’ talks on YouTube, the fundamentals of investing became clear: be wary of investment managers, be patient, and keep it simple.

As I am heading back to Michigan, the road ahead seem clearer and lighter than before. While I am still deciding on my major, I have a renewed interest in several subjects I haven’t thought of before: computer science, finance, and entrepreneurship. Whatever the future holds, I am sure this internship, and this scholarship that enabled it, are inextricably linked.

My belated thanks to Benjamin Anderson and Jennifer Mendez, whose help I am sure I will make use of again in this upcoming year.

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