Blog 6

Prior to my internship I had a solid idea of what I wanted to do as a career and also what I wanted to be involved in within my life. Working in the setting of young youth was definitely something I wanted to be involved in. I previously had experience working with youth as a mentor and leader so I already had an idea of what I was walking into during this internship. Throughout this internship I was reassured that working with youth was my calling. The way the kids were looking at me, engaging with me, and expressing the impact they felt from my presence was heart warming. When working with kids I love the mentoring role where I am asked to work directly with the kids. What excites me most is that I am able to listen to each individual and learn about them as well as their struggles. Once I learn about the students I like to give input on how I relate to them with the hopes of gaining their trust and understanding. The tools I believe I need to be successful in my role are simply:good listening skills, communication, open-mindedness, and flexibility. I plan to achieve my goals of working with children by simply continuing to develop my non-profit organization Empire For The Youth (EFTY). I also plan to utilize resources such as alumni and school organizations whom interact with youth impact on a constant bases all with the hopes of gaining the knowledge and mentorship that I need to achieve my goal.

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