Blog Post #5: The Final Preparations

As I am approaching the last week of being a summer coordinator, we are nearing the end of the Mentorship preparations for the fall. Looking through some of the highlights of the past few months, I am in awe of all the things that we’ve done. From working with Reggie the Campus Corgi on promotional photos to designing the Mentorship swag that will be given out to the participants of the program, there were new projects to work on every few weeks at the office.

Working at a small office provided me with several responsibilities. As there were only a few of us at the office over the summer, it was upon us to be able to complete everything that needed to be done by taking up roles that we weren’t familiar with. This meant that I was given the chance to take on assignments that I have never dealt with before and hadn’t expected to be given the responsibility of completing.

One of the most exciting things that I did was help design Mentorship swag along with my program director. Still wearing the Mentorship shirt and using the Mentorship products that I was given from years prior, I understood the value of some of these products for a freshman just arriving to campus. As a junior, I am now used to the fact that there are many free products given out to university students from business, organizations, and the university itself.  

From picking out the swag orders within our budget to helping pick out what color and design our products would have, helping with the Mentorship swag order was an exciting process. I vividly remember opening up the boxes with the product orders with the office. It was wonderful being able to see the result of the process – with the Mentorship products as well as the rest of the projects that we worked on.

I hope that the success of the program in the fall will be reflective of all the hard work put into it by the summer staff!

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