Connecting Treasury to UMICH | #6

In this twelve week internship, I discovered a love for Washington D.C. I truly loved getting to work in the gov’t with the U.S. Treasury Department for a whole summer; however, I would like to try and work in the business private sector during summer 2018 to fully compare the two experiences and determine if gov’t or private sector is the career path I would like to take.  I truly believe working at Treasury opened me up to business field as I worked on an internal audit; however, I am curious as to how business careers are in the private sector. Because of this, I would like to continue my academic exploration at UMICH through more economics and entrepreneurship classes as well as possible business classes at Ross to further enhance my knowledge that can be put to use in the future.


With my remaining time at the university, I hope to attend various networking events whether thats through my majors department, open events through LSA’s Opportunity HUB and/or Career Center, or any other events on campus in order to ensure that I gain an internship in the private sector to fully compare work life in the gov’t and private sector.

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