Informational Interview #2

Y is an alum that I connected through LinkedIn. After I realized that I would like to dive deeper in marketing and given that marketing is such a broad field, I wanted to connect with marketing professionals and know more about what they do in order to figure out what specialization I want to develop in marketing. I proactively messaged professionals on LinkedIn and asked them for coffee chat and Y is one of those who responded.

Y works for a well-known B2C company. Her main work lies in conducting qualitative research on the company’s target customer and generating suggestions for marketing strategy. She also introduced a few other related roles to me, such as quantitative consumer research, marketing strategy planning, content strategy, content research, and content production. I realized that in big companies, in order to claim one’s position and value, it is extremely important to be extraordinary in certain areas. Different from startups, where one usually wears many different hats, roles in big companies are very specific and specialized. They want professionals that are highly experienced in certain areas rather than a professional that is adequate in many things.

The information that Y shared provided not only insights in which marketing path I should choose but also how I should define my value. I genuinely appreciate this conversation and will take her advice to heart.

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