My Favorite Experience | Blog #3

My favorite experience thus far with my internship would have to be participating at DAPCEP STEM Day at the Michigan Science Center as a college panelist. This experience was the funnest to me not only because I was able to share my college experiences with high school seniors from the city of Detroit but also because I was able to be in one of my favorite places since I was a child. I think I dove into that way to quickly, let me first explain what DAPCEP is and what STEM Day is  and how I was able to participate in this experience. DAPCEP which is the Detroit Area Pre College Engineering Program is a non-profit in Detroit that connects students K-12 to STEM opportunities within the city. STEM Day is just a day the non profit host a program for schools to attend for free with a given theme. This year’s theme was “The Road to College Success ” and it was specifically for seniors in high school. This day would provide seniors the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of college like financial aid and study tips. I was privileged the opportunity to be on the college panel in an effort to allow the students to get the real ‘tea’ from college students who were in their shoes the year before.

Its actually a funny story how I got to participate during STEM Day. My internship at the time was Excellent Schools Detroit and they shared their office with DAPCEP. One day while introducing myself in the office , one of DAPCEP team members told me about the plans for STEM Day and I told her that I thought it was a great idea considering I didn’t have an opportunity to do something like this. I went home and got a phone call from my supervisor saying that was my first task and here I was a college panelist! Okay maybe that wasn’t the funniest story. But overall I really did enjoy myself the questions the students ask made me re- evaluate how I do different things here at the university. Also hearing how the other panelists talk about their experiences gave me a couple ideas on how I can grow and do better in this upcoming school year. It also made me realize that I should explore just a little bit more before I choose my major. Its crazy how I went into this with the intention helping the seniors and they end up helping me.

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