The End of My Summer Internship

The End of My Internship


With the end of my internship here I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. In the closing weeks of my internship, I assisted my lab PI in a larger scale project that really showed how rigorous experiments can be in research. It was a great learning experience. There are many skills that I will take with me from this summer internship that I can apply to future careers. Some of those include Flow Cytometry, cell isolation and staining for flow cytometry and a few other basic but crucial procedures.


One of the skills that I am very glad that I have been able to learn is Flow Cytometry. Even though I have just brushed on the basics of the user interface and the theory behind the machine, I still have gained a lot of foundational knowledge that provides me the opportunity to build upon. Flow Cytometry, as I have learned very rapidly, is one of those advancements that are critical to a field. There are so many things that Flow can help you do. From sorting cells to identifying expression levels of genes Flow really is a nice multi tool to have experience with and it is one I see myself using in my future as a researcher. I have much to learn about this tool but once again I am grateful to have been able to learn it.


There is good news with regards to the lab. I have been offered a position to work in the lab for the remainder of my undergraduate time here at the university. I am very excited to continue to grow and learn more techniques and about T cell immunology. I hope that I can continue to contribute credible work to the lab in order to help understand the epigenetic processes that cause some of the diseases that they do.


I am grateful for the LSA opportunity hub for allowing me to find such a great opportunity and for an amazing learning experience here at the university.

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