The New Beginning- Blog #6

When I first discussed with Global Experiences about what kind of internship field I was interested in, I told my recruiter I simply wanted to help people. GE helped me narrow down what my interests were. As of now, I am interested in working in the criminal justice field as a Psychologist. Therefore, I would say that working in addiction this summer definitely helped with my decision in my career.

My ultimate end goal would be to work with adolescents who are currently in trouble with the law. This could be any misdemeanor such as drug possession or violence, something that affects their life but won’t cause long term damage if they change their course. This summer gave me valuable experience with alcohol addiction, an addiction I feel will be common amongst the population I wish to work with. I think the aspect I like most about working in addiction rehabilitation is the change that happens over a long period of time. Even though I was only at CASA for 8 weeks, I saw clients who went from sad and depressed to having a sense of hope. They knew that they had begun their journey and it will be hard but their life would change for the better. Since I spent the summer working with adults instead of adolescents, I am more confident in the age group I would like to work with someday. I think I would be interested in exploring working with adults eventually but for the time being I would be interested in sticking with working with kids.

In the fall, I have multiple classes that focus around the age group I am interested in working with. For instance, the research lab I am enrolled with works with adolescents and adults which will help me decide if I am positive I want to work with one age over the other. I am also enrolled in a project outreach that will continue to help me explore my interest in the criminal justice side of psychology.

Though I had many issues with the program I was on, I would highly recommend interning abroad. So much can be learned about yourself as well as the field of interest that I feel cannot be acquired when you are in your comfort zone. I am beyond thankful for my experience this past summer and I look forward to continuing to grow my knowledge in the fall.

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