Working in Downtown Detroit in 2017 #4

Working and living in downtown Detroit this summer has been absolutely amazing. I was able to ride the Q line everyday, bike along the Riverfront, and explore the many activities going on this summer! While the experience has been very enjoyable, it has also opened my eyes to current issues going on in Detroit. This year, many neighborhoods have been revitalized and many attractions have been added in downtown Detroit. While these additions are nice and draw in more people to visit or live in the downtown area, it can also be very harmful to native Detroiters. When people from suburban areas come into downtown Detroit and restore old apartments and businesses, it can cause the price to live in those areas to skyrocket – making it too expensive for the original residents to stay in their neighborhoods. This issue is very relevant to Detroiters, metro-Detroiters, and even the urban garden I worked at this summer. For instance, the area where MUFI sits could potentially be taken away in order to build a new business or apartment to accommodate for the mass number of people trying to move into the city. In the future, I would like to visit downtown Detroit more often because I would like to understand what’s a good balance between improving the area and supporting the original members of the community.

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