#8 Informational Interview 2

So I’ve been working with my supervisor C for a while, and I’ve always wondered (since I looked up his Linkedin Profile), what makes a New Englander, a Vandy grad, come to Michigan to work here? After the holiday break, I finally got a chance to talk to him at lunch one day. He had a somewhat similar major background with me, doing Econ and PoliSci, and didn’t know what to do after college. Turned out he had always wanted to do something related to Entrepreneurship., and it was during the numerous conversations he had with his likeminded friends that the idea was born. Of course, his friend had the IP and the technology. But it was really not until he connect with one of the Vandy Alum that he and his friend decided to start this venture. He doesn’t know many hard skills, which means he was not going to be the programmer or product designer, and he ended up taking up the rest of the responsibility(aka supply chain and securing funding) when no one else did. At a young age, as a fresh off the boat college grad, he already flew to Silicon valley for investment, went to China to secure factory supply, learning about payment method from scratch, etc. Lots of interesting stories about Angel investors, investments, industry competitions, have to make tough ugly choices when they are short on funding as if they were trying to save a broken relationship.   No two days are alike and each day comes with a different challenge. C said when he first started everyone said he was crazy, because where he stepped into is a a new technology that wait to be developed and applied to customers and businesses.  Somehow he dived in just to see how far he could get (as well as overcome his shyness!!!). He went further than he had ever imagined. It was a trial and error process for him, but he learned a whole lot on his journey too.Despite his startup discontinued after a few years of successful struggles, it still sound like a fascinating adventure to me, and I would be more than thrilled if I ever have a chance to participate in such. Try to create something tangible, applicable, and hopefully make life easier or better.

Something I learned: If I want to go into startup hub, either Boston or San Francisco would be the spot. Never limit myself and even if I only have some vague idea about a field that I am passionated about. C said if anyone put all his time and energy in any specific area, eventually his will succeed no matter what. I agree.  I’ll put some focus in tech industry, and try to connect with the people and resources in entrepreneurship here as much as possible during my senior year.

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