A business trip to the north | #4

This is my first business trip in my life time. This is also my first video wedding. The whole team was hired to Houghton Lake for the whole weekend for this wedding. I was surprised by the amazing view. Here’s a picture I took when we arrived on Friday afternoon.

The wedding was held a resort on Saturday. The weather was humid and warm, mosquitos and worms are always flying around. The resort was in a woods and the bride and the groom have decided to have a casual wedding so everybody can just wear business casual.

I was first asked to take some detail photos of the decorations and views around.

There is a lot need to be prepared while the groom and bride were getting ready. The guests were playing volleyballs, swimming in the lake and driving motorboat on the lake.

The ceremony didn’t start until late afternoon because of the rain, and the reception was also delayed. During dinner time, because there were several unexpected speeches made by the couple’s friends and relatives, we had to run real quick when they suddenly start a speech, and they call it professional.

After the couple had done their first dance, we then started some random recording of people dancing, laughing and having fun and we walked out quietly, leave the people enjoying their big party. And at that time, we know how much wonderful footage we have on our card and we get to build another love story out of there.

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