Blog #5 End of Internship – Looking Back

Looking back over the course of the summer I realize that I learned much more than I ever thought I would have.  It turns out that three months is more than enough time to make lasting relationships and steep oneself in many aspects of a business.  Going into my corporate finance internship I think it was very important that I kept an open mind about the work I would be doing and whether or not it would be what I wanted to pursue as a career once I graduate.  A worthwhile piece of advise to anyone about to start an internship, even if it is not a “dream internship” is to open yourself to the experience – it  might just end up being something that that person absolutely loves.  Personally being exposed to some business development affirmed my interest and passion for M&A so I am definitely pursuing an internship for next summer based on what I learned from this experience.

Another word of wisdom for any students pursuing an internship in finance or accounting would be to familiarize themselves with Excel and principles of accounting.  I experienced a slight learning curve in these areas, and from what I saw nearly every position within finance or accounting draws on these two skills.  I encourage future students to use the resources available to them online which are many in number from YouTube to other more formal training classes.  Having a solid foundation in these skills will give you an upper hand and help a person better understand the work they will be tasked with in these positions.  In short, keep an open mind and prepare in whatever is possible and a summer internship may just surprise with more than one had in mind.



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