Favorite internship experience | #3

My favorite experience as an intern had to be my second week of the internship because I got to see my COO’s beautiful home, I had a barbeque with my co-workers, I began working on projects, and I got to spend time outside of work with my co-workers and friends.


I had a wonderful first week at my internship, I got settled into my new internship and I got to meet everyone in the office. And to keep the good vibes moving, we had a huge product release days after Jessica (friend/intern) and I started at InfoReady! To celebrate this, we had a barbecue at our COO Maurices beautiful house. And when I say beautiful, I mean REALLY beautiful. I wish I took pictures of the place but honestly forgot. High ceilings, foosball table, a basketball rim, tons of land, and a two story tree house that Maurice built by hand. Man, this was not your average tech-dude’s home! To top it off, the fire we lit was actual wood and not a visualizer on an 80inch monitor.


For food, we had hamburgers, bratwurst, cornbread, mac and cheese… The list goes on and on. The barbecue was a great opportunity for Jessica and I to have conversations with our co-workers.

Social engagements amongst small teams are valuable because you’re focused more so on the personality of your colleagues rather than their work styles. I believe this to raise efficiency in the workplace because you learn how to speak to your colleagues and become comfortable with them in a fast-paced, task oriented environment. The barbecue served was a perfect way to end the first week of my internship — thank you Maurice!


In the beginning of week 2 I was assigned multiple tasks with purposes to familiarize me with Angular 2 and the structure of the InfoReady code. I learned a lot of useful skills from completing these tasks. I’m becoming more comfortable with the Angular 2 and I’m confident that I’m becoming a valuable player in the company. This is such a wild & fulfilling feeling because this is my first serious tech job!

Even though this week consisted of more work, I still had time for fun. I can joke around with my co-workers, spend the whole day learning and practicing a valuable skill that I love.

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