Blog Post 2

The most surprising thing about my internship has certainly been the reliance on me to be able to perform my job fully from day one. My job is of a financial nature and I am certainly not a finance type of person. However, on the very first day of my internship, I was expected to be able to perform a prequalification analysis of an applicant. This was after only seeing perhaps 2 examples.

This is a theme that I have gathered appears throughout the federal government. In the future, I plan to become a lawyer, and as I understand it, federal prosecutors are often handed cases straight out of the gate. I appreciate the trust that is being put in me, but it is all still rather daunting.

I certainly hope that the job becomes easier with time, and I’m told it does. Yet, if I am going to be counted on to perform real meaningful work from day one, I just hope that my team does not expect me to be perfect.

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