3. CJ’S

The biggest thing that has changed as far as my value of diversity as far as this internship goes is the confidence I have in my own ability. Working in this environment I do not work with many people besides myself and my boss. In doing this I have a newfound confidence in my work. If I can work on a project that passes as suitable for a startup without any prior experience I must be headed in the right direction. It has given me the confidence that one day although it might not be a hair salon that I can utilize what I have learned and will learn into my own business. Prior to this internship I really did not know much about what went into something like this and after going over everything that was expected of me I had no idea how I was going to go about doing it. After working through it and little by little coming up with a system that can be used regularly I do not doubt that I can do this for any business that may need it. I hope one day I can use similar skills in my day to day job.

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