Blog #3 – Great Mentor.

During my internship, I believe that I found a great mentor.  The company host a lot of events to help the team network and meet each other.  I was blessed to be able to get these opportunities to meet a lot of great people in the work place, including one of the guys I met that I consider as my mentor. Personally, a great mentor to me sees their mentee as a person, not just an employee or intern. The mentor knows enough about their personal life to understand the external factors that impact their work, and cares about their happiness. The mentor I met at the company during my internship is honest and unafraid to tell me hard truths about the business, and help give me great feedback. This gave me a great understanding about how to navigate the politics in the organization or profession.  I am grateful to meet the mentor that I had because not only did he help me understand the business that we worked for, but also many other industries, and the pros and cons of going into different industries.  I believe having a mentor is very important, and that having one in an internship environment is even better.

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