Blog Post 3

As time goes on, I am continually convinced that the legal field is where I belong. My job is working with loans and of a decidedly financial nature. It is somewhat analogous to a loan officer at a private bank, where you may apply for a mortgage, but slightly different in specific ways. However, the larger point is that there are small parts of my job where I am asked to work on something of a more legal nature, and I find those times to be my favorite.

Quite often, there is a disagreement or misunderstanding amongst the team on one aspect of federal regulations or other guidance. When these crop up, I am most excited about my job because it combines legal analysis with the public policy planning foresight of putting those decisions into practice. Both of those skills I enjoy. Reading the text and discerning the meaning, then parlaying that understanding into action is one of the most exciting parts of the law for me. This is only enhanced when coupled with the cost-benefit analysis and debate over externalities that is so important when making public policy decisions. These situations are when my job is at its best in my eyes.

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