Blog Post 5

As I look back on my experience at my internship, I have tried to summarize the lessons it has taught me:

  1. If for nothing else, my internship has taught me a lot about single family housing, mortgages and homeownership. In dealing with it every day, I have learned more in my time here then I ever would any other way. This knowledge is not for nothing, and that I can be grateful for.
  2. This job has further confirmed my beliefs about leadership, particularly in the workplace. I have written about this in a previous post, but this is certainly something I will watch out for in the future.
  3. This job was the first time I have had experience working in an office setting. Every other job preceding this has taken place largely outside. I am glad I have gotten exposure to this because I will likely spend the rest of my professional life in an office. It has taken adjustment.
  4. This job also has given me insight into how the federal government operates. I have previously worked for the State of Michigan and I can assure you, that the 2 systems are not as similar as may be believed. There are pros and cons to both, but with plans to enter federal service in the future, it is useful to have had personal experience with federal employment.

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