Career & Life Advice: Info Meeting 1

Coming into my internship this summer I had a ton of questions regarding gender in the profession of law. I was fortunate enough to have not one but three female coworkers who were happy to assist me in answering any questions that I had. Selecting one, I was better able to assess my expectations of what my desired career had in store for me. She informed me how serious she took her lsat and how it transitioned into the law school she ended up attending. She advised me on how important it was to get ahead of your studies in law school but to look up every now and again and enjoy the experience. Stressing the importance of the library, she also advised me to get involved in clinics which will give you an early taste of what different fields in law require. Taking all this into account, the attitude of a hard worker and discipline was reinforced. School advice wasn’t the only thing given, but life advice as well. Helping with current testing anxieties and stressing about landing at the “right” law school, the message that the name of the school isn’t always important. This eased some of the tensions that I was freaking out about and was extremely helpful.

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