Exploring the Lost Planet #5

I came to the Lost Planet Editorial not knowing exactly what I was going to do there. During the interview process, I was told that I would be working with editors and different video software. I knew that I was going to be doing paper work too. I didn’t mind that. The most interesting thing to me was that the company was owned by Hank Corwin, an  Oscar nominated editor, and that they’ve collaborated with big time companies, such as Nike. Hank was away at his Los Angeles location throughout the summer. I met him once.

I figured that I would shadow some of the editors and learned some new programs to hone my own skills. It was actually different. My job was to serve food to the clients and other employees. The issues was that there were two other interns working with me and there wasn’t enough work for multiple people. So, my days were cut. That was my main problem with the executive producer who designed the internship program. I felt that many things weren’t planned out well. I also feel as though they didn’t care about my well-being as much. I was experiencing trouble with my living arrangements which cut my internship short but they didn’t show any real concern or respect. It wasn’t a professional environment.

In the future, I am looking to work with established companies who have a good reputation and are professional. I will ask more questions during interviews that revolve around the work that we do. My goal is to intern with Disney this summer.

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