Informational Interview Reflection #2

My informational interview outside of my internship company was with someone I made contact with through my own efforts, a Turkish gentleman who works for a financial news reporting company in Manhattan. After exchanging some e-mails, he invited me to his workplace. I took the opportunity and visited him on a day off, and he gave me a short tour of their premises. While I wouldn’t think of financial news as a possible career path previous to my interview, but my research and my downtime during work both lead me to appreciate such services a lot more, as they appeal to me for their informational qualities.

After the tour, we sat down and had a chat, and I asked about his career path and what he does now. He’s originally from Istanbul like me, and has been with the same company for over 15 years. He even went back to Istanbul to run the company’s branch in Turkey for 10 years, but eventually returned to Manhattan. After he explained how he preferred having his family in the US, we talked at length about the financial world and his work, ranging from his daily duties at his desk to the state of cryptocurrencies. Since this was only a week after the famous Bitcoin fork, we had a long conversation about it. As an expert in finances, his insight was really valuable, and I told him so as well.

From him, I learned that a career isn’t set in stone, even within the same company, as he moved back and forth from New York to Istanbul before settling down. Also, my time with them clarified to me that there are plenty of areas that my knowledge and interests can be applied. Thanks to him, I’m more interested in writing-based work, and I plan to pursue a related area in my academics.

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