The next steps | #6

Looking back my internship experience this summer, it was just on the way I want to seek. I decided to join a summer research in aerospace engineering as a preparation for the future Ph.D. study after graduation. After four months of research, I still believe research is a career that makes my life most interesting. It was one of the best aspects of my internship achievement that I could make sure my passion to the research.

The internship experiences told me what I should do to achieve my goal. One thing is a broadness of knowledge needed to a researcher. I used to think that deep knowledge of a research topic or an extensive skill is the critical aspect of a good researcher. These specialties are indispensable, of course, after going through full-time research opportunity, it turned out these are not sufficient. A broad range of knowledge allows us to combine different types of discipline, which could result in an innovative idea. Variety of skills can help us see a research problem from several aspects, and it could lead to a new solution. This lesson, the importance of inter-disciplinary knowledge and experiences for a researcher, is maybe a most precious thing I learned.

So, what I’m doing back to the college seems to be pretty straightforward: to continue to deepen my knowledge in my major field as I’ve been doing so far, and in addition, to put more effort on the studies and experiences of the other fields. It may be a similar discipline to Aerospace like Mechanical or Electrical but could be a totally different stuff like Business. Anyway, whatever I’m choosing to go, there is so many stuff that I need to learn. That’s still a long way to go, but I’m quite excited about the path I’m going.

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