What’s your calling? Info meeting 2

Knowing your calling doesn’t always happen post-grad. I didn’t really believe in this idea and thought it was just a way of procrastinating growing up for some. After speaking to one of my co-workers about her start into law my perspective changed. Before becoming an attorney, she had worked in the medical field on the business end of things, assisting clients with their financial decisions regarding their health. She had done that for nearly 15 years when she decided she wanted a career change. When I posed the question of “why?” to her she snickered as if this was a common question she had been faced with. Her answer was simple. She had always wanted to be a lawyer and was afforded an opportunity at her old job. The advice that she could share with me was to not freak out and rush things. Everyone has their own pace with things – just because something isn’t happening as fast or slow as compared to someone else doesn’t mean your off track. This can often be forgotten especially in competitive areas and was refreshing to hear from someone who experienced it themselves.  So whatever your calling is, don’t let time be a deterrent to you going after it.

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