#2 Climbing Waterfalls and Cave Dwelling

First, I’d like to speak on my absence from updating my blog for some time. In Tanzania internet failed and I was no longer able to connect and now I am back with ability to post once again and will be posting my remaining blogs regarding the largest events that occurred on my trip as a whole

Although majority of the time I spent in Tanzania was teaching, there were definitely moments when I and other volunteers were able to take time to explore the country and surrounding areas. One such adventure was being able to explore the neighboring city of Moshi and experiencing the landscape and culture of the area. The greatest attractions of the area are the Moshi Waterfall, the coffee plantation and the Masai Tribe Caves. The waterfall was a large hike down the side of green mountain sides to a river fed by the falls. There were a few monkeys that would climb around the trees that surrounded the base of the waterfall. It was all a majestic sight to see.

The coffee plantation was run by an elder of Moshi who provides coffee for both the locals and tourists that come to visit. He offered us the opportunity to see how coffee is made and have a hands on experience with making it ourselves. I was able to have coffee and bring it back to share with my family.

The caves were originally created by the Masai tribe of Tanzania as a tool of battle against neighboring tribes. We climbed down into them to have a look at how the Masai lived in these. It was incredible. The caves were narrow and had no real lighting sources than potential fire lamps they had. Also, the caves would be used to trick the tribes by setting fires inside them, then when the neighboring tribes would go into the caves the Masai would attack them from behind. The experience was wonderful.

If anyone travels to Tanzania I would definitely say that Moshi is a must see on their adventures.



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