Now that were at the halfway point of the internship I would say my goals have lined up perfectly with my experience. I have learned how to work independently on project on my own efficient time frame. I am happy with the goals I have made and I am happy with the skills I have already acquired. In the beginning of the internship I had no idea how to make a budget sheet or create a schedule and now both are almost ready to be used in real time. I have a great relationship with my boss and she has been terrific. We even just got her business cards that I created in the mail and she couldn’t be more happy. They blend in perfectly with the room itself as well as her personality. Although it is only the halfway point in the internship I am extremely happy with my work and I believe she is too. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the internship has in store. One of the big projects coming up is creating and designing a menu that her clients will be able to see when they walk into the studio. I am very excited for this final project.

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