5. CJ’S

In this internship I have to say that for the most part it has been pretty smooth sailing. The biggest obstacle I have faced was having to come up with a budget sheet having no experience or guidance. There were a number of time where I deleted everything I had out of frustration and realized I just needed to take a deep breath and try again. It sounds like a rather simple task on paper but it is a lot different when you are not the person that is going to be using it every day and I needed to make something that not only was easy for me to navigate but for someone who had also no experience using something like this. In the end I came up with something we were both happy with and I take great pride in that. I now know how to create something like this in the future for any type of business and although it was very basic it is something I came up with on my own and I am excited to learn other ways to create something similar. In the end even though it wasn’t a monumental obstacle it was still something I had to push through and I am glad it turned out okay in the end.

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