7. CJ’S

For my interview with someone within the company I interviewed someone who found something they loved doing and simply decided to do it. I think it is really something to respect and look to do because it really isn’t that easy. Too many times in life if you ask people if they are doing what makes them happiest they will say no. With this individual not only is she doing what she absolutely loves, she’s doing it exactly the way she wants to. This is something I can hope to say about myself one day. I learned that it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and tough decisions to make. I think this is the case for all things in life. Anything worth doing is worth working for. Lastly, I will apply what I have learned in this internship and this interview in my educational pursuits by working hard and having confidence in my abilities knowing that I am working towards doing what I love one day. This interview and this internship have been great for my confidence in my abilities and it has given me a clear idea for my future career path.

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