#7 – Informational Interview Within Organization

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my supervisors within my organization. John Smith (names have been changed) operates at the company under the title Director of Fixed Income Sales.

I began the interview by inquiring about Smith’s education and employment history to establish a baseline. Smith obtained a BS in Finance & Economics before working as Managing Director and Senior Managing Director at two well respected, top investment banks.

I observed a general trend of hierarchical mobility in Smith’s employment history, as he held jobs under different titles at different companies in different regions. Overall, Smith is a profoundly successful professional in the industry.

During the informational interview, I mentioned to Smith that while my educational and employment history is comparably more varied than his, as I have experiences in a variety of different industries, I am nonetheless very serious about pursuing a career in Finance. I asked him for his opinion and advice on this matter, and if he thinks my lack of exclusive concentration in Business will hinder by ability to work in the industry. Smith acknowledged that his was a possibility, but left me with encouraging words, adding that I can gain more experience in the field by taking courses and working jobs in Finance.

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